Home Music Production New iMPC Pro 2 Video Tutorials Released by Loopmasters

New iMPC Pro 2 Video Tutorials Released by Loopmasters

LoopMasters Releases Video Tutorials for iMPC Pro 2

Loopmasters recently partnered with Akai – makers of the famed MPC beat making gear – to release 4 new video tutorials about the iMPC Pro 2 beat making software for the iPad. The videos cover topics like recording audio, assigning pads and how to chop/slice samples.

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Though the original iMPC featured a sampler and beat maker, the new Pro version is touted as a full song creation tool. The software even integrates Audio Units plugins, which brings it a step above some other tablet beat makers.

Of course, Loopmasters offers sound packs specifically designed for the iMPC Pro 2.

According to MusicTech:

Packs span many genres with content created by an amazing producer lineup and leading publisher of royalty-free content, Loopmasters! You can use Sound Packs from the Content Store in top music iOS apps like Launchpad, Tabletop, GarageBand, FL Studio, Cubasis, Auria, DM1 and hundreds more as well as iMPC 2 Pro. Or drag your sounds to your desktop and use them anywhere.

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iMPC Pro 2 can be downloaded from the Apple App Store.

Visit LoopMasters.com to learn more and watch the videos below.


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