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New Maschine Expansion Pack – Crystal Daggers


Native Instruments has released a brand new Maschine expansion pack that is ideal for all types of modern electronic styles.

The new expansion is called Crystal Daggers and will have producers dropping hot s**t with the pack’s sharp basses, thick drum beats, shimmering synths and flawless melodies.

I just listened to some of the sample tracks and sounds and this is going to be one CRAZY expansion. I think we’ll be picking it up at Deviant Noise today!

Listen to sample tracks here.

This is honestly perfect stuff sonically for downtemp, trip-hop, hip-hop, modern pop (dance pop/synth pop), trap, edm trap and a ton more.

Described as “mainstream electronic” meeting “underground hip-hop” there are brand new sounds specifically designed for use with the ultimate computer music production platform – Maschine.

Here’s how the company describes the new sound pack for music producers:

Grimy basses bend and shift through the dance floor while airy, effected synths scatter through the air. Touches of R&B add an addictive melodic sparkle. And beats crafted with thunderous drums and glitchy percussion keep the crowd in motion. Sonic diamonds soaked in style – this is CRYSTAL DAGGERS.

The pack costs $49.00 (the standard price of most Maschine expansions) and is available through the NI store. But you’re going to have to upgrade to the latest version of Maschine software (v. 2.3) to get full compatibility.

And as always, if you have iMaschine for the iPhone/iPad there is a stripped down version of the expansion pack available for a dollar.

Here’s what you get in Crystal Daggers:

  • 10 Full Projects
  • 15 Drum Synth Patches
  • 20 Monark Patches
  • 40 Massive Presets
  • 45 Drum/Sound Kits
  • 202 Patterns
  • 320 Drum Samples



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