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New Music Production Platform to Remix, Sample, Collab


pickasound-online-music-collaborationNortheastern University business student Toju Ometoruwa has launched a brand new music production platform that he says will “empower creators to communicate through the music they share.”

The platform – called Pickasound – reportedly allows musicians to sample, collaborate on songs and even remix them using a patent-pending, automatic beat-matching technology.

The idea behind the new online platform is to make the entire process of collaboration and production easier. You can alter the tempo and pitch of a track and decide how you’d like to license your music. And it seems like the student’s business is picking up steam, with a $100,000 investment from Emmy Award winning composer Brad Hatfield.

And even though it’s meant for people involved in music, the open nature of the platform may attract music fans as well – giving artists another opportunity to connect with their followers in a meaningful way.

Pickasound Music Production Platform

Here’s what Ometoruwa said to BostInno about the project:

“When you look at the music industry as a whole right now, streaming is a very popular service. but I think the reason these services don’t get to where they need to be is because there’s a lack of engagement with the users. It’s a very passive experience,” Ometoruwa said.

“The creative aspect has not really been explored as to how to let non-musicians engage with musicians. That’s what we’re trying to do.”

“After exploring some music production tools, I realized the creative experience is a really isolated one,” he said. “I wanted to do something that allows me to interact with other creators, so that basically led to Pickasound.”

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Pickasound offers free registration, with plans on monetizing through additional storage space and advertising. If you want to check out the new platform click here.


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