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New Streaming Service from MegaUpload Founder + Next Big Sound Streaming Data is In!

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Continuing on from our discussion yesterday about the weird world of music streaming, we thought we’d follow-up with some interesting happenings in the world of music streaming.

As you probably already know, music streaming is the only new music business model that’s taken hold with the masses. Streaming music is definitely here to stay.

And that’s easy to see with what’s happening:

Kim Dotcom (of MegaUpload)’s BaBoom Streaming Service

So remember the guy that went to jail for starting the file sharing site MegaUpload and then changed his name legally to Kim Dotcom?

Well the tech pioneer was involved in a new music streaming service called “BaBoom” which finally launched on Monday.

Read how Fortune.com describes the service:

Designed as an alternative to popular streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music, Baboom, as it’s called, lets independent artists keep 90% of the proceeds through its “Fair Trade Streaming” agreement. Dotcom originally envisioned the service as an alternative to the music industry through which they could directly distribute their music to fans, but he left the company last fall.

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Apparently he left after continual delays in launching the service. Dotcom tweeted this on the service’s launch day:

In related Kim Dotcom music news, an executive at Universal Music Group had a long conversation with Dotcom about partnering on some music related projects just 2 days before MegaUpload was raided by the FBI.

Next Big Sound Releases Streaming Data

Image Courtesy of: thesquarefoot.com
Image Courtesy of: thesquarefoot.com

Next Big Sound, a company that handles all the streaming data (numbers) from around the world released their stats this week.

Apparently there had been over a TRILLION (that’s right.. Trillion with a T) music streams in the first half of 2015. And that doesn’t include streams from Apple Music or TIDAL – both relative newcomers in the streaming game (and both that some analysts are saying are failing/failed).

So it’s very likely that the numbers would be even higher if these platforms were included.

Remember how we keep saying music streaming is the new paradigm? Exactly…

Here’s MusicTime.com’s take:

Streaming is the present and future of music consumption. Consumers, artists and industry observers will all agree on that point. There has been a growing number of data as to how ubiquitous the practice has become in the past few years, but the Pandora-owned music data analytics company Next Big Sound has put it very simply. In the first six months of 2015, music was streamed over one trillion times across various services such as Spotify, YouTube, SoundCloud, Rdio, Vevo, Vimeo and Pandora.

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What’s interesting is that in our last music streaming article we mentioned how SoundCloud has decided to pull their data from Next Big Sound. How will this impact their numbers and their position as an industry leader? Who knows.

It’s definitely still true that YouTube is the king of streaming, followed far behind by Spotify. But SoundCloud is still definitely a big player to be taken seriously.


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