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New Study: Rap Music Isn’t All About Drugs, But Country Music Is

New Study: Rap Music Mentions Drugs Least of All Music Genres

For years, people outside the culture have accused rap music of being many things – mostly negative. One of the criticisms that constantly pop up – especially today, with artists like Future and their lyrical content – is that the music glorifies and mentions drugs more than other types of music. But a new study from Addictions.com says that’s not true at all.

It’s not just people outside the culture, however. Even fans of Hip-Hop and Rap often complain that mainstream music is all about drugs. But using data from Songmeanings, Addictions.com found that COUNTRY music – by far – actually mentions drugs the most.

Rap music and Hip-Hop is actually at the bottom of the list. Surprised?

OkayPlayer reports:

Using data from Songmeanings API, Addictions.com did a study analyzing what musical genres mention drugs the most. It turns out it’s country music, by far, that has the most drug references in their music, followed by jazz, pop, electronic, and rock.

Hip-hop music actually comes in last of the eight genres analyzed

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The study also showed that drug talk in general has actually been on the decline in music. The peak was during the mid-2000s and has steadily dropped since.

Check out the entire study here.


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