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PayPal Suing Pandora for Alleged Logo Infringement –

PayPal Suing Pandora Over Trademark Infringement

Pandora’s had a bit of a rough stretch as of late. It’s lost subscribers, money and now is being sued by financial giant PayPal for allegedly “harmful” logo infringement. The online money transfer company filed suit in the Southern District of New York for “heinous” trademark infringement.

The logo in question is the P shape Pandora has used since October of last year. PayPal has been using it’s logo since 2014. PayPal claims the music company actually copied elements of it’s own logo.

Music Business Worldwide reports:

PayPal’s suit, filed on May 19, claims: “The similarities between the logos are striking, obvious, and patently unlawful. Just like the PayPal logo, the Pandora logo is a capital P in block style, sans serif, with no counter, in the same deep-blue colour range.”

“PayPal and Pandora directly compete for real estate on the screens of mobile devices. Having a distinctive, non-confusing logo is critical in the mobile space,” adds PayPal’s complaint, according to WIPR.

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PayPal wants a jury trial and is seeking damages, legal fees and a stop to Pandora’s use of the logo. Pandora is still trying to sell itself before June 8.


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