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Pemberton Music Festival Goes Bankrupt, Cancels 2017 Shows

Pemberton Music Festival 2017 Cancelled, Filing for Bankruptcy

Some great artists were set to play the Pemberton Music Festival July 13-16th this year. A Tribe Called Quest and Chance the Rapper, for example, were on the lineup. But potential concert-goers got a surprise yesterday when visiting the festival website – the show was cancelled.

The Pemberton Music website featured a notice that said,

“The 2017 Pemberton Music Festival scheduled for July 13–16, 2017 is cancelled.  It will not proceed as scheduled.  The Trustee will issue formal notice of the bankruptcy proceeding to all known creditors of PMF within 5 days of its appointment.”

It’s been a shaky spring for music festivals, with the infamous Fyre Fest fiasco and now this. Similar to Fyre Fest, where investors and concert-goers lost their money, Pemberton advance ticket holders will not be getting any refunds.

Digital Music News reports:

Actually, this marks the second time that the Pemberton Music Festival has cancelled its show.  After debuting in 2008, Live Nation cancelled 2009’s event.  HUKU Entertainment purchased the rights to the festival in 2014.  The 2015 and 2016 shows featured performance from top musicians across multiple music genres.

Think carefully before investing in music festivals – quite a few are being put together by amateurs who are under-funded or just plain greedy…

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Canada’s WayHomeFestival has offered to give free tickets to their event to any Fyre Fest and Pemberton ticket holders.


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