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Petition For Madonna To Share Prince Tribute Spot With Other Artists


Madonna is set to be the only artist paying tribute to Prince at the 2016 Billboard Awards scheduled to take place on May 22.

But there’s a petition against this.

Ok- partly against it. The petition seeks to have Madonna share the huge responsibility.

“We cannot let Madonna be the main and only artist tributing Prince during the 2016 Billboard Awards,” it reads. “He is more than worthy of a better choice as a main performer. Please sign and share this petition so that we can get a proper tribute on May 22, 2016. Timing is tight! Spread the word.” spin.com

Though no specific names are suggested on the petition, comments are vouching for Janelle Monae, Lenny Kravitz, Shelia E and Mint Condition among others.

The petition has garnered over 5,100 signatures nearing its goal of 7500.

Madonna and Prince were romantically involved in 1985 for a brief period. Prince lent his skills to Madonna’s Like A Prayer record. He played guitar on the title track as well as Keep It Together and Act Of Contrition.

The two legends also worked together on Love Song which you can revisit here:

Funny enough, Madonna and Prince had some feuding years.

So perhaps the petition is on to something with their request.


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