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Positive Grid Releases New AI Drum App for iPad

Positive Grid X Drummer iPad App

Audio plugin company Positive Grid have just released X Drummer for iPad, dubbed the world’s first artificial intelligence drum app.

With the app producers and artists can easily create full drum tracks with a few taps and their “magic AI technology.” After the pattern is created, users can customize it and change things like BPM, genre and more.

What’s more is X Drummer can quickly learn any song and find the groove/sounds used and match them automatically. Users also get access to a library of kits and grooves.

The app is supposed to give you the sound and feel of having a real session drummer who can change style and feel based on the music. The drum kits used can also be designed custom by users of the app.

The app is available for all iPad users on the App Store and is priced at $19.99 USD.


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