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Prince’s Estate Wants to Stop Unofficial EP

Prince Estate Wants to Block New Deliverance EP

The estate of the late legend Prince wants to stop an unofficial EP from being released this Friday by the recordings’ producer. The producer – Ian Boxill – had planned to put out the record via Rogue Music Alliance, a “label-esque” music company.

But Prince’s estate wants to stop the 6-song EP – called “Deliverance” – from being released. The estate claims that Boxill is not honoring the agreement made between he and Prince during the 2006-2008 period when they worked together.

Boxill says Prince always wanted to bypass labels and bring music direct to fans, and that’s why he’s releasing the material in this way. The estate of prince, however, says he’s trying to capitalize off of Prince’s death.

Complete Music Update reports:

[The]…contract…said that ownership of any content and copyrights created via the two men’s collaborations would sit with Prince.

But, reps for the estate added in a statement to Billboard: “Mr Boxill did not comply with his agreement. Instead, Mr Boxill maintained copies of certain tracks, waited until after Prince’s tragic death, and is now attempting to release tracks without the authorisation of the estate and in violation of the agreement and applicable law”.

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The project was set to be released on Apple Music this Friday.


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