Home Music Production Propellerhead Releases Layers Wave Edition Reason Rack Extension

Propellerhead Releases Layers Wave Edition Reason Rack Extension

Propellerhead Releases Layers Wave Rack Extension for Reason

Propellerhead Software has just announced a new Reason Rack Extension instrument called hte Layers Wave Edition. The instrument brings producers the sound of a Waldorf Wave synth with four layers of unique samples from the Wave.

It combines the sounds with effects, sequencing capabilities and modulation. The Product Manager at the company, Lukas Lyrestam, said the new Rack Extension “offers the flexibility to sculpt your own sound or instantly access hundreds of patches that were designed by expert sound designers.”

According to Rekkerd:

Layers Wave Edition’s straightforward user interface and top-notch sample-set also invites you to experiment on your own and create presets from scratch that sound just the way you want them to. Synthetic, evolving, dreamy, soft or rock hard – Layers Wave Edition has you covered.

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The new extension is available now for download at a price of 99 USD from the Propellerhead store.


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