Home Music Production Propellerhead Software Releases “Rigs 3” for Reason

Propellerhead Software Releases “Rigs 3” for Reason

Propellerhead Releases Rigs 3 Bundles

Propellerhead – the makers of popular music production software Reason – have announced a new update to the rack extension and refill bundle called “Rigs.” Rig 3 bundles feature a collection of hand-picked rack extensions made by leading developers. and designed to fit any style of music.

According to Rekkerd:

Rigs 3 offers a huge collection of 90+ hand-picked Reason Rack Extensions made by leading developers such as Propellerhead, Rob Papen, Softube, Korg, McDSP and more. Explore new sounds with hundreds of expertly crafted custom-made patches and develop as a music maker with hours of custom tutorial videos from ASK.Audio that will help you get the most out of your new products.

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The series includes the following:

  • Mix & Mastering Rig 3: Mixing and mastering engineers are some of the most passionate and demanding people about the signal chain their sounds pass through. Shouldn’t you be too?
    • 35 Rack Extensions / 1 ReFill / 70 Videos / 325 Presets.
    • Featured products: Softube FET-compressor, Selig DeEsser, Kratos 2 Maximizer.
  • Synthetic Rig 3: If you’re the type of music maker who finds inspiration from the unique characteristics each synthesizer imparts to the creative process, then we’ve sure got some inspiration here for you.
    • 29 Rack Extensions / 1 ReFill / 58 Videos / 476 Presets.
    • Featured products: Parsec, eXpanse, ABL3.
  • Backline Rig 3: The more music technology evolves and develops, the more prized the classics become for your sound. Rotary speakers, soulful keys, boutique amps, and vintage units transport your Reason rack to 1977.
    • 30 Rack Extensions / 4 ReFills / 60 Videos / 339 Presets.
    • Featured products: StringWERK, ChamberTron, A-List Studio Drummer.

Users can save 75% currently on the bundles. They are priced at $349 USD each. Upgrade versions for previous users are $99 USD.


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