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Rapper Tyga Sued for $70k By LandLord!

tyga sued by landlord

tyga sued by landlordRap artist Tyga is being sued by his landlord for approximately $70,000 in back rent. And Tyga ain’t taking it lying down – he’s suing back. You heard right. Tyga is counter-suing his landlord.

The dispute is over a home in Calabasas home that the music artist moved into back in 2014. Apparently Tyga was planning on buying the house from the landlord (valued at $8 million) but is suing for breach of contract.

According to the rapper, he wasn’t renting the house, but instead planned on purchasing it from the landlord. That’s what his breach of contract suit is all about.

According to the Daily Mail:

In the lawsuit, Tyga claims he put a down payment of $200,000 on the Calabasas house 12 months ago, with the landlord allegedly telling him he could move in during escrow, without paying the $25k a month rent on the property.

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As far as the landlord goes apparently this isn’t the first time he’s sued Tyga.

According to Billboard.com:

This isn’t the first time that the rapper’s missed his first-of-the-month deadline — the same landlord has filed a number of different suits against the rapper since he first moved to Calabasas in 2010.

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You can listen to Tyga’s latest album on Spotify below:


The album, called The Gold Album: 18th Dynasty was released on June 22 and is exclusively produced by Kanye West and Mike Dean.


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