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Rihanna Blasts Snapchat Over “Disgusting” Ad

Rihanna Slams Snapchat Over Advertisement

Snapchat is in hot water with the bad gal Riri after they ran an ad that the singer took offence to – and for good reason. The ad featured a game of “Would You Rather?” that featured the options “slap Rihanna” or “punch Chris Brown.”


Apparently the ad was for the game’s app, which has since been blocked by the service. Snapchat also apologized for the ad issuing a statement that said “This advertisement is disgusting and never should have appeared on our service. We are so sorry we made the terrible mistake of allowing it through our review process. We are investigating how that happened so that we can make sure it never happens again.”

According to Billboard:

Early Thursday (March 15), Rihanna responded to the ad, calling out the company for letting down victims of domestic violence. “This isn’t about my personal feelings, cause I don’t have much of them…but all the women, children, and men that have been victims of DV in the past and especially the ones who haven’t made it out yet…You let us down!” she wrote on her Instagram Story. “Shame on you. Throw the whole app-oligy away.”

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Chris Brown assaulted his then-girlfriend Rihanna back in 2009.

The controversy comes a few weeks after Kylie Jenner commented on how she hated the new update of the video messaging app. That same design update led investors to mark the company as a “sell” instead of being “neutral.” This caused the companies value to drop over $1 billion in one day.

2018 hasn’t been great for the app so far.


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