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Roland Adds New Virtual Instrument to Cloud

Roland Releases New Virtual Synth, Anthology 1990


Roland has just updated their Roland Cloud service – a web-based software service – by adding a brand new virtual instrument to the mix. The synth, called Anthology 1990, is said to contain sounds from one of the company’s favorite synths from the last century.

Here’s what Synthopia reports the company said:

One of primary drivers behind why we love this synthesizer is the warmth and presence found in each and every patch. Contained herein you’ll find breathy flutes, luscious layered voices and big, beefy basses.

From the expressive “Grandioso” piano to the immediately recognizable from 90’s ambient music “Shak-Filt”, these 64 deep sampled patches deep sampled from the original 64 patches are sure to delight.

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The machine is based off the D-70 synth, released in (you guessed it) 1990. The synth replaced the 1980’s D-50, which already has a software version.

Roland Cloud subscription service is available for $19.95 USD per month and includes synths like the Jupiter-8 and Juno-106.

Visit RolandCloud.com to join.



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