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ROLI Seaboards Now Come With Tracktion Waveform

ROLI Instruments Will Now Come With Tracktion Waveform DAW

The crazy new synths and controllers dubbed “Seaboard” made by pro audio equipment company ROLI will now come with Waveform, Tracktion’s newest DAW software. The hardware/software combo will allow users to fully control the expressiveness that made the Roli Seaboard so unique and popular. Waveform offers a plug-and-play experience for the Seaboard and BLOCKS instruments.

Unlike other DAWs, Waveform will be able to seamlessly receive the complex MIDI Polyphonic Expression data sent from the ROLI instruments. Tracktions latest DAW was released in May 2017 and will now be included as a part of any ROLI instrument purchase.

According to Rekkerd.org:

The release of Waveform coincides with the launch of ROLI’s Seaboard Block. The most portable and affordable model of ROLI’s award-winning Seaboard, the $299 Seaboard Block is also the newest Block in ROLI’s award-winning BLOCKS system. Along with the other MPE controllers in the BLOCKS range, Seaboard Block opens up the creative possibilities of multidimensional expression to more people than ever before.

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