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Run-D.M.C. Sues Amazon, Walmart Over Trademark Infringement

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Run-D.M.C is filing a suit against Walmart, Amazon, Jet and a number of others for more than $50 million over alleged trademark infringement on products using the iconic hip-hop group’s name and logo without permission.

Filed on Thursday (December 29), the suit also names a number of the companies selling the products through the above-mentioned online marketplaces.

The lawsuit reportedly names glasses, hats, T-shirts, patches, wallets, and several other products among the items being misrepresented as Run-DMC merch.

According to Billboard, Run-D.M.C. is seeking $50 million with interest, as well as attorney’s fees, accounting of all sales of the defendants’ products that were promoted as Run-D.M.C. merch or directly use its trademark and an injunction and restraining order against further sales and promotion of these products.

The lawsuit also cites previous licensing agreements for the Run-D.M.C. trademark to show its worth, including one for $1.6 million to Adidas for a line of sneakers. It also states the Run-D.M.C. brand has produced revenue in excess of $100 million from the intellectual property associated with the trademark “RUN-DMC” since its inception in the 1980s, including the sale of music, music publishing, concerts, merchandising and endorsement deals. Read more…

Run-D.M.C is arguing that the alleged trademark infringement is diluting the group’s legendary brand. It is also saying that the defendants have “harmed RUN-DMC’s ability to utilize, market, promote and sell products with its registered trademark.”


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