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Sean Price – Songs in the Key of Price

Photo courtesy of DuckDown.com
Photo courtesy of DuckDown.com
Photo courtesy of DuckDown.com

Sean Price’s passing has had a huge reaction from the hip-hop community which evidences the late rapper’s respect in this game.

The latest work from Price – Songs in the Key of Price – was and still is highly anticipated. Hip-Hop DX reviewed the album on their site:

Songs In The Key Of Price is a happens to be the way Ruck is saying goodbye, at least for now. The way it ebbs and flows is an experience in and of itself, and the vibe is the perfect blend of underground, trippy, stony and grimy all rolled into one. There’s plenty of material to work with here, and it instills a Sean Price kind of mindset: out of the box and unlike anything else.

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Here’s a quick video of P showing off a few tracks from his latest project.

The Heltah Skeltah MC had an amazing flow and lyrical ability. From his interviews and appearances you could tell he wasn’t about the bullshit and into this Hip-Hop thing for real.

His flow was unmistakable and forced you to listen to him when it came on the speakers, regardless of whether the track was his, or his verse was just a feature. He commanded the beat, and the listener.

Here’s what DuckDown.com (his official label) had to say about the new album and artwork (featured above):

Throughout Sean’s career he would create his own spin-off, or character, based on someone he respected, maybe a pop culture icon, or maybe someone he had some sort of love for. For example, we all know and love Mic Tyson, Kimbro Price, and who could forget Jesus Price Supastar.

‘Songs In The Key Of Price’ was no different. For this mixtape cover he opted to create a playful spin on Stevie Wonder’s ‘Songs In The Key Of Life’ album. You’ll be able to find the original art floating around online, and some of you lucky fans will now have a special collector’s item to enjoy. Unfortunately, we were politely asked by Universal Music to remove the art at the digital outlets, as well as change the CD art for future production. We agreed, of course. They were very respectful of the situation and delivered their condolences in Sean’s passing. Who knew that Stevie Wonder would be touring ‘Songs In The Key Of Life’ this fall? Sean would have laughed about this.

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Rest in paradise to one of the realest emcees to ever hold a mic.

Stream the album on Spotify below:


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