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Shakira Accepts Humanitarian Award at World Economic Forum


Shakira is not only a pop-music superstar.

She is also a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador and the founder of Pies Descalzos Foundation, which provides education for children in her home country, Colombia.

So it’s not surprising that she received a humanitarian award for her philanthropic efforts at the World economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

While accepting the WEF’s Crystal Award, she called on world leaders to advocate for the world’s children.

“We should be devastated that, in 2017, there are still 250 million kids under 5 who are still at risk, who will likely be stunted physically and intellectually… Now take that in for a second. We’re talking about nearly the population of an entire country the size of the U.S. This is a tragedy for those children and an epic, epic failure for all of us… Today’s babies will drive tomorrow’s business. Their capacity to contribute will shape tomorrow’s societies, will solve tomorrow’s problems.” Read more…

Watch Shakira’s speech below:

WEF also handed humanitarian awards to violinist Anne-Sophie Mutter, whose educational foundation offers scholarships and financial aid to young musicians, and actor Forest Whitaker, who advocates for youth empowerment in violent and impoverished communities.

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