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Sir-Mix-A-Lot Wins Royalty Battle for Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda”

Sir Mix-A-Lot Wins

Sir Mix-A-Lot Wins "Anaconda" Royalties Legal BattleThere’s no doubt in the world that you’ve seen (and heard… but more seen than heard) Nicki Minaj’s single called “Anaconda.” The super-sexualized video (uh.. and song) featured a sample of vocal’s from the global smash “Baby Got Back” by old-school rapper Sir Mix a Lot.

A musician named David Ford, however, claimed that in the 1980s-90s he collaborated with Mix a Lot on a bunch of music including “Baby Got Back.” Although the man admits never having signed any agreements he said he was supposed to receive royalties for “Anaconda.”

But a judge that was ruling over the case shut it down quicky style last week. Here’s what The Jasmine Brand had to say:

The judge explains he isn’t buying Ford’s claim he didn’t know he wasn’t listed on the copyrights for the hit songs for decades.

Further, he notes that the man failed to show any evidence that he provided anything substantial to the creation of “Baby Got Back” and therefore he cannot claim money from the royalties of Nicki Minaj’s hit song.

The judge dismissed the entire case and awarded Sir Mix-A-Lot’s ex-musical partner NOTHING from his complaint.

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Whatever the case may be, that record surely generated a ton of money for all parties involved. And it’s not extremely relevant to the article, but hell.. I love this video, I don’t care what anyone says.



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