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Skrillex, A$AP Rocky & Justin Bieber in New ‘Zoolander 2’


zoolander-2-previewThere’s going to be some big music industry names in the new upcoming Zoolander 2 movie, and we’re hella excited to see it. The original gut-busting comedy focused on a dim-witted fashion model and evil designer getting into it.

The second movie will be released in a little over a week’s time, but today (Wednesday) fans got a special preview/trailor featuring some of the guest-stars that appear in the movie.

The preview also offers a glimpse of more of the sequel’s special guests, including Skrillex, A$AP Rocky and the much-hyped Justin Bieber cameo.

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The preview above shows Ben Stiller’s lead character visiting the evil designer in prison. And of course… since he’s the dumbest thing on the planet, he’s the one that ends up in chains. Check out the video above to see the whole sneak peak.


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