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Slate Digital Releases Virtual Tube Collection

Slate Digital Virtual Tube Collection

Slate Digital – the company behind the very popular “Everything Bundle” of VST Plugin emulations of some of the best pro audio gear around – has just released a new Virtual Tube Collection.

The set of 3 emulators can be used as tube-based pre-amps, saturators or in “console mode” allowing for mix bus summing. The new plugins should be available to subscribers of the Slate Everything Bundle.

From YouTube: “The Slate Digital VIRTUAL TUBE COLLECTION is a set of three plugins for Virtual Mix Rack that recreate the sound of classic vintage tube circuits. Each module can act as a preamp, a saturator, and even a virtual tube summing console. Using VTC, you can add color, warmth, depth, and vibe to your mixes and masters. VMS users can also use VTC preamps with the microphone models for rich and vibey tone on their tracks.”

Check out the video below:



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