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Songtradr Expands Services for Music Licensing

Songtradr Launches New Features for Users

Songtradr, a music licensing platform, has expanded its service offering for artists, writers and music licensees. The company is now offering artists real-time push notifications, updated functionality and deeper analytical tools.

The platform provides artists and creators direct access to sync-licensing decision makers, while giving them tools to store/share/pitch their music all in one place. Now, artists can also see real-time updates on the progress of their submissions with mobile push notifications.

Pro users also get better analytics, first-access to exclusive licensing opportunities and lower fees.

Music Business Worldwide reports:

“This is the first time artists and creators will, in real time, be notified if there’s a submission opportunity, or if someone has shortlisted or licensed their content,” said Songtradr founder and CEO, Paul Wiltshire. “We look forward to continuing to provide our users with new, innovative tools that help them thrive in this rapidly-evolving music industry.”

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As for people that need to license music for film/tv/commercial use, Songtradr has improved their search functionality and will adjust pricing based on a buyer’s budget and needs. The company also introduced curated selections of music available for license.

Songtradr is currently $7.95 per month.



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