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Songwriter Group Slams RIAA for “Moral Rights” Betrayal

Songwriters Slam RIAA Over Moral Rights

A global songwriting group have slammed the Recording Industry Association of America for what they see as a betrayal to the creator community worldwide.

The open letter sent by the network of groups claim that the RIAA refuses to recognize the moral rights of songwriters. Moral rights relate to the right of songwriters and creators to be credited for their work through proper attribution.

The moral rights were put into legislation in 1928’s Berne Convention. Although the US adopted the convention, it chose not to recognize the moral rights clauses.

The US Copyright Office conducted a study that showed many involved in the world of songwriting support moral rights. The RIAA, however, continues to reject this position.

Copyright, attribution and compensation has been a hotly debated topic for the last 2 decades, as the rise of the internet has completely changed the way we create, distribute and consume art.

Visit MusicBusinessWorldwide to read the open letter from the songwriters group.



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