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Songwriter and Producer Credits Come to Spotify Desktop

Spotify Adds Songwriter and Producer Credits to App

Spotify – the world’s biggest streaming music platform – is confirming that it will add credit information for songwriters and producers to it’s apps. Currently the credits are only visible on the desktop app, but it is also coming to mobile soon.

The songwriter/producer credit is shown by right-clicking on the track in question and clicking “Show Credits” from the options menu. The new information will be great for artists, producers and songwriters alike. The data is being provided by record labels, and the source will be shown to users in addition to the credits.

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This has been asked for by industry insiders for a while now. According to Music Business Worldwide,

MBW strongly called for Spotify to adopt songwriter credits on its platform in September last year. We pointed out that the firm’s ‘Secret Genius’ program, which ostensibly celebrates composers, was likely to prove a troublesome brand for a company which failed to recognise those very same writers within its core product.

That issue now appears, to a large degree, to have been rectified.

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Tiffany Kumar of Spotify said “With the newly launched credits feature, we aim to increase songwriter and producer visibility…” The company, in a blog post, also said “We realize some of the label-provided credits are incomplete or may contain inaccuracies,” but that this is just a first-step.

The move is being applauded by many in the industry.

Songwriter Frank Dukes – who’s written for Camila Cabello, Lorde and more – said “It’s amazing to see Spotify give the unsung heroes of music some recognition…”

No word on when the info will become available to mobile users, which are likely the larger user-base of Spotify’s apps.


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