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Sony and Warner Launch Foreign Music Labels

Sony Music and Warner Music Launch International Labels

Both Sony Music and Warner Music Group have reportedly launched music labels in foreign lands. Sony teamed up with Asian company Tencent Music to launch Liquid State – a dance music label that will focus on Asian artists and live events in the Asian market. Warner Music on the other hand has launched Warner Music Middle East which focuses on 17 markets across the Middle East and North Africa.

According to MusicAlly.com:

China will be the most interesting market for Liquid State, with Tencent promising to throw the weight of its music and social services – from QQ Music to WeChat and Tencent Video – behind the label’s roster.

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Warner Music Middle East will be based in Beirut, Lebanon and headed by Moe Hamzeh, formerly of m.media. The new operation is intended to step up the marketing and promotion of Warner’s international acts as well as fostering a local artist base of Arabic musicians.

According to Music Business Worldwide:

Areas covered by Warner Music Middle East include Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq, Iran, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates and Yemen.

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