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Spitfire Audio Announces Hans Zimmer Strings Plugin

SpitFire Audio Releasing Hans Zimmer Strings

Pro Audio company Spitfire Audio has just announced the availability of their new sampled strings called “Hans Zimmer Strings.” Needless to say the collection is based on the strings of famed film composer Hans Zimmer, who’s responsible for scoring numerous blockbuster movies.

The plugin was designed in conjunction with UsTwo, a user experience agency. The 185 GB sample library will be available to users starting on March 28.

According to KVR News:

Here’s what they say: “To create the greatest film scores in the world, you need to think outside the box. Hans Zimmer, the “Godfather of Orchestral Sampling”, came to Spitfire to produce this innovation; 344 players, AIR Studios… Only technology can allow you to play an ensemble this big. From thundering basslines to glass-like high strings, this is symphonic strings maximised.”

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The sample set can currently be pre-ordered at a limited time intro price of $599 USD. That’s $100 off the normal retail price. Pre-orders also come with a limited edition Hans Zimmer Strings book.

Check out the videos below:



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