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Spotify Buys Music Machine Learning Company

Spotify Buys Machine Learning Startup Niland

It’s official – Spotify is making moves. The company is sprinting around the business landscape, and doesn’t seem to be slowing down. A year out from it’s public stock offering (according to some analysts) and within a matter of weeks, the streaming giant has signed major new licensing deals, launched new promotions and has now acquired a music startup that deals with the emerging field of machine learning.

This week at the Music Biz conference Troy Carter from Spotify said the company had become an “anticipatory” service – as HypeBot puts it “delivering the right music and the right moment.” It’s no wonder, then, the streaming giant bought the Paris-based machine learning startup Niland. Details of the acquisition were not disclosed to the public at press time.

According to HypeBot:

Niland used Artificial Intelligence (AI startup)┬áto deliver advanced music search and recommendation. In addition to improving Spotify’s music recommendations. Niland powered search is also deliverable via API, which Spotify could offer to developers to build a new generation of intelligent music applications built on top of the music streamer.

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In a statement released this morning Spotify said “The team from Niland will…continue innovating and improving our recommendation and personalization technologies…”


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