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Spotify Codes – New Feature to Make Sharing Easier

Spotify Launches Spotify Codes

As Spoitify’s userbase increases, the company knows catering to the way the service is used, rather than the way they *intend* for it to be used may help determine their long-term success. That’s why the company has just launched “Spotify Codes” to help make sharing songs, albums and playlists among friends quicker and easier.

Not only is this a great feature for users, but artists who’d like an easy way to market and share their music as well.

The new feature works in a similar way to Snapchat’s Snap Codes and general QR Codes. It’s an image that people focus their smartphone cameras on to have an action automatically performed. In the case of Snapchat, focusing on a code will take you directly to a user you’d like to follow. In the past QR codes were used to direct people to specific websites easily.

Snapchat Codes will be similar in that they take people directly to an album/song/playlist. The feature will be rolled out to users globally and make sharing specific music quicker. Reps say there’s a code for everything on the service.

HypeBot reports:

Beyond just sharing playlists Spotify Codes could be a boon to music in other ways.  “While friends sharing playlists is certainly one use, the much more interesting aspect is what Spotify Codes could mean for artist marketing,” suggests Music Ally’s Stuart Dredge  “Flyers, posters, billboards… perhaps even TV advertising – something that would take Spotify Codes into the territory traditionally occupied by Shazam.”

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This is definitely a feature artists and producers will want to make use of right away. The marketing potential of such codes are enormous.


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