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Spotify Cuts Off Pay for Playlisting Service SpotLister

SpotLister No Longer Operating Pay for Playlisting Service

Streaming service Spotify has officially shut down SpotLister, a service that offered playlist placement for pay to artists around the world. Last week the streaming giant disconnected the playlisting service from it’s API. Other services still continue to operate.

According to HypeBot:

Pay for play or payola is explicitly forbidden on Spotify.  Its terms of service prohibit the “selling a user account or playlist, or otherwise accepting any compensation, financial or otherwise, to influence the name of an account or playlist or the content included on an account or playlist.”

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Calls for the service to be shut down have largely gone unnoticed until recently when SpotLister used Spotify’s  Next Big Sound API to pair tracks with the right playlists.

In a blog post SpotLister offered customer’s refunds saying “Despite all our efforts to rebrand and comply with their requests, our API key has been deactivated so we will no longer be able to operate on our platform.” The company even tried changing it’s name to Jamlister.

More than a dozen competitors are still operating, but do not use the Spotify API.


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