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Spotify and Facebook Both Making New Music Deals With Companies

Facebook and Spotify Both Making Deals With Various Music Companies

It’s being reported that both Facebook and Spotify are continuing on their quests to make as many deals with various music companies as possible.

Facebook has just signed a music licensing deal with the Kobalt and Wixen music publishing companies. The agreement covers the use of music on various facebook platforms.

Spotify on the other hand has just partnered with a music discovery app called 8tracks. The deal will bring a new feature to 8tracks that allows the app to deliver better music choices to the consumer.

According to Digital Music News:

Wixen and Kobalt have recently agreed to licensing deals with Facebook.  Speaking with Music Business Worldwide, both publishing companies vowed to fairly distribute royalties to songwriters.  The agreement will cover 180 territories on platforms including Facebook, Instagram, and Oculus.

Spotify has partnered with music discovery app 8tracks to bring a new feature to the latter’s mobile iOS app.  8tracks will now deliver music based on listeners’ tastes “in a more organized manner.”  They can now automatically save favorited 8tracks songs and transfer them to Spotify on a special playlist: ‘8tracks Discoveries.’

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