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Spotify Hack by Online Hacking Group Deemed a Hoax

SecTeamSix Spotify Hack May be a Hoax

The hacker crew SecTeamSix_ might have just played a hoax on the world, claiming it would leak thousands of Spotify account details online. The campaign was said to be it’s latest #Lulzcalypse – a huge leak of data they do through social media just for fun.

The alleged leak happened on the website Pastebin.com, but the page with the “account data” was quickly removed. Now, a Spotify spokesperson – speaking to the International Business Times – has denied the claims, stating that they were not breached and user accounts are secure.

Digital Music News reports:

Upon closer inspection, the Spotify “hack” was merely a dump of reused passwords.  Security experts and other hackers spoke with IBT and claimed that list lacked any complexity.  The usernames and passwords also show up in AP/exploit dumps.

Security experts warned users, however, that if their username appeared in the lists, they should change their passwords immediately.

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So why even do it if it was a hoax? For the lulz…



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