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Spotify May Start Offering In-Car Subscriptions

Spotify May Move Into Car Audio Market

Spotify is reportedly trying to enter the audio hardware market with new job postings for Operations Manager in Hardware Product, and a Senior Manager and Project Manager in Hardware Production and Engineering.

The move comes after Jimmy Iovine, head of competitor Apple Music, let the world know that a company can’t survive off of streaming alone, and that Spotify would have to get people to buy something else.

So Spotify may be looking in a few direction, smart speakers and possibly car audio.

According to Digital Music News:

In an e-mail, the company may have accidentally leaked plans for an in-car controller and possibly standalone music player.

According to Reddit users who received the email, the device would feature 4GB of RAM and would use voice controls.  The device would reportedly use Amazon Alexa and “the 4G to run it.”  Not much else is known about how it would work.

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Spotify quickly backtracked on the leak saying the use might have received a test message.

The company has also said they’ve got a big announcement coming on April 24th in New York City.


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