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Spotify Moving Heavy Into Hardware and Live Music

Spotify Getting Into Hardware and Live Music

Word on the rumor mill is that streaming music provider Spotify is looking to get into the hardware business and place a heavier focus on live music. The company is reportedly hiring people to help in the creation and marketing of speakers and other hardware and a producer for live urban and latin events.

Music mogul Jimmy Iovine once said that the streaming companies were in a bad situation because it was next to impossible to become profitable from just streaming. Not the greatest sentiment for companies like Spotify, who is looking to go public with a possible $19 billion valuation. So it makes sense that the company would want to diversify it’s product line.

According to DigitalMusicNews:

Spotify has recently posted three interesting job advertisements on its website.  It is now hiring an Operations Manager in Hardware Product and a Senior Project Manager in Hardware Project.  It is also looking for a Project Manager in Hardware Production and Engineer.

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Of course, those weren’t the only job posting available for the company. Music Business Worldwide is reporting that the company also posted for a Producer: Live Events, both Latin and Urban varieties.

According to MBW:

Based in New York, two job roles currently being advertised for a Producer, Live Events: Urban and a Latin version will directly lead the planning, production, and promotion of tours alongside external co-promotion partners like Live Nation.

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The news comes as Apple releases it’s own speaker-enabled smart device the “HomePod” and Facebook is looking to do the same.

If you’d like to apply for the positions, visit Spotify.com.


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