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Spotify Offers 60 Day Premium Trial, One Month Out from Stock Market Listing

Spotify Offering Free Premium Subscription for 2 Months

Spotify, the leading streaming music provider, is giving away two full months of premium streaming access for free to new US customers. The service currently costs $9.99, but the company likely wants to ramp up paying customers ahead of it’s stock listing and amid news that Apple Music is right on it’s tail.

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This is Spotify’s most generous offering to entice free and non-users to subscribe to the service. Previously, the company was offering a 3-month premium experience for $0.99. Any users who’ve taken advantage of a previous offer or already subscribe to the paid service are not eligible for the new promo.

The move comes as a way of keeping their momentum above that of primary rival Apple Music. Apple just surpassed 36 million US users and is set to overtake Spotify by this summer if they don’t make some real moves.

According to Music Business Worldwide:

The timing of the promotion is obviously interesting: as we stand, Spotify is gearing up for its much talked-about ‘direct listing’ attempt on the New York Stock Exchange, which is expected to happen next month. (Rumours abound that staff at the company are presently mulling over regular private offers for their share options ahead of the big day.)

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Learn more about the promo at Spotify.com


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