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Spotify, Pandora, YouTube Prove Freemium Still Works


A new analysis has proven that freemium still works as it helps drive revenue.

The analysis, by SensorTower, which studies app downloads and app revenues, shows that Spotify is indeed a force to reckon with. It earned more revenue than any other non-game app in the App Store and the overall list (both App Store and Google Play).

Pandora came in 5th overall globally and 4th in the app store.

The surprise revenue earner was Youtube, coming in at number 10 in the app store.

Apple Music, Napster and Tidal didn’t feature in the top 10. And one thing they all have in common? They don’t have extensive and popular free offerings.

So it goes to show that freemium still works.


New installs of apps from both stores totaled approximately 19.2 billion in Q4 2016 with there were more than 80 billion app downloads overall during 2016. Downloads were up 17% year over year for the quarter.

When revenue is taken out of the equation, music apps fail to chart. Read more…

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