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Spotify Removes Music From “Hate Bands”

Spotify Removes Hate Music from Platform

Spotify – the leader of the streaming world – has reported that a number of “hate bands” have had their music removed from the platform. The bands were all identified as “hate bands” by the Southern Poverty Law Center from the US almost 3 years ago. With neo-nazi and white supremecist groups marching in Charlottesville, VA that led to a young woman’s murder coupled with a president that just never seems to take the side of “good,” it’s not hard to imagine why the company made the move.

But in fact it’s being reported the move was made after Digital Music News identified the acts and their music after the turmoil in Virginia. Spotify confirmed to Billboard that they had removed the music in question.

According to Complete Music Update:

The streaming firm’s spokesperson added: “Spotify takes immediate action to remove any such material as soon as it has been brought to our attention. We are glad to have been alerted to this content – and have already removed many of the bands identified today, whilst urgently reviewing the remainder”.

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The public resurgence of overtly hateful/racist groups is something the world is watching and came as no surprise to many. The culture of political power in the United States is very racially charged in the current era.

Although “hate genres” are nothing new, many blame Donald Trump’s rise and resulting rhetoric for these current rising tides of racism and hate.


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