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Is Spotify Thinking of Adding Video Streaming to Their Service?

Is Spotify Going to Offer Video Content?

It must be said again – Spotify is making moves. And all the moves are being made as speculation as to when the company will go public (and how). Spotify has signed new licensing deals with most of the labels around the world, it has acquired a new machine learning start-up and now it’s adding people to it’s board of directors.

The streaming music powerhouse is adding 4 new members, two of which are from Disney and YouTube. A board member is also chief content officer at Netflix. The moves had increase the amount of speculation around the growing company. Some analysts think these moves may suggest the company will delve into the streaming VIDEO market soon.

The move makes perfect sense for the tech/music company – it is the premiere destination for users of streaming music services. A natural extension would be to offer video streaming as well, most likely music videos. But that’s not to say the company couldn’t foray into other types of video content as well.

Will Spotify make moves to court music video organization VEVO? YouTube’s recent trouble with advertisers jumping ship has given VEVO the chance to sell their product/service directly to advertisers, as they have more control over their content. If the executives at VEVO are worried about the future of YouTube’s ability to effectively monetize videos, they could be looking for another partner.

Spotify could definitely fill the void. But only time will tell.

According to HypeBot:

The new unconfirmed Spotify Board of Directors members are:

  • Tom Staggs, former COO at Walt Disney
  • Padmasree Warrior, U.S. head of electric car company NextEV
  • Shishir Mehrotra, former YouTube head of product
  • Cristina Stenbeck of investment firm Kinnevik


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