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Stevie Wonder Honored at 10th Heaven Gala Celebration

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Stevie Wonder was honored at the 10th annual Heaven Gala Celebration at Red Studios on Saturday (Jan 7).

Guests were eager to see what his version of “Heaven” included.

John Legend, a friend and next year’s recipient, shared his thoughts on how Wonder had influenced his life.

“I’m looking forward to seeing Stevie and honoring him tonight. He’s been a huge influence to me, my favorite artist. The fact that he’s still with us and is still making music and happens to be a friend and mentor to me, I think we’re lucky, and the whole world is lucky to get Stevie Wonder as a treasure that we can enjoy. He’s been such a great humanitarian and he’s been such a great artist and it’s going to be great to honor him tonight.” Read more…

Wonder got to present his own version of Heaven beyond what guests will see inside Red Studios. Here’s what he told THR: “Heaven is love. Heaven is life. I think what we have is all twisted on this planet. We are not doing what we need to do to make Earth as it is in Heaven because that is what I believe it is supposed to be.”

Before performing an 8-minute compilation of his music, Wonder’s long-time friend and producer also had a chance to speak.

“We first met at the Apollo Theater when [Stevie] was twelve years old. You had just written “Fingertips” and “Signed, Sealed And Delivered,” and from that time until now, it has been an absolute joy to have worked and played together.” He continued. “Until I leave this planet, I will always be there. I will have your back and do whatever I can do. In mathematical terms, multiply your joy, subtract your pain, divide your sorrow and add to your tomorrow, I promise you. Stevie, no one is more deserving of this recognition of the Art of Elysium than you.” Read more…

(Image Source: Flickr- The Cosmopolitan)


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