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Stevie Wonder Says Bruno Mars “Cultural Appropriator” Claims are BS

Stevie Wonder Defends Bruno Mars

Seren Sensei’s claims that Bruno Mars was appropriating black music for his own gain have caused some controversy but was beginning to die down. Now TMZ has reported that legendary music artist Stevie Wonder does not think the claims hold any weight at all. The singer said Mars was “inspired by great musicians and great artists, so that’s good.”

When asked his thoughts by TMZ Stevie said “God created music for everyone to enjoy, so we cannot limit ourselves by people’s fears and insecurities. He’s a great talent. That other stuff is just bullshit.”

According to OkayPlayer:

Mars has paid homage and shown love to the artists of the past. He’s credited many who are being argued as acts he has stolen from with the reason for his being. Hell, even last year, Bruno jumped entirely off the ship and said that “all American music stems from black cultural production.” … And by dismissing the inclusion of brown people (Dominicans, Puerto Ricans, Mexicans and the like) in such genres (specifically funk, R&B and hip-hop) means you’re not really grasping the full context of how this music came to be.

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Wonder was also asked by the TMZ cameraman if Mars gets a “pass” to which he responded “It’s not about a pass, God created music for everybody.”


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