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Streaming May Be Changing Music Creation, Discovery, Listening Habits

Music Listening/Discovery Habits May Be Changing

Streaming has entirely changed the music business. From the way music is consumed to the way new music is discovered. And now it may change the way music is being created.

The music business, over the last couple of years, has started to embrace the trend of streaming. They’ve been working on making it work. But a new trend is emerging in music that has the potential to change the way humans consume (and create) music in the future.

With the rise in popularity of “playlists” on services like Spotify the way people interact with new music is different. Sure, people still listen to specific genres of music – the Rap Caviar playlist has over 7 Million followers. But now more and more people are listening to music for specific MOODs, not just genres.

There are may playlists out there for things like “Sleep” or “Working Out” or even “Studying.” And these are growing in popularity, with millions of listeners each month. So will this change the way music is consumed in the long term? Will it be more about creating music for a specific mood, rather than a specific genre/style?

According to Billboard:

But popularity of these playlists seems to reflect a growing interest on the part of listeners in seeking out songs based on their activities, rather than their favorite albums or artists. The streaming business is now so big that even one percent of it could create a very healthy business. Perhaps more important, this idea — of music consumption driven by mood, rather than taste — could eventually represent as much of a challenge to industry thinking as streaming did in the first place.

It’s hard to know whether the demand for this kind of music is actually new, or just more obvious in the streaming world, with all of the data it generates on listening habits.

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Even Amazon’s new Alexa home device can pull up ready-to-go playlists when you ask it for things like “pop music to cook to.” Of course, the idea that this will change how everyone consumes music is entirely speculation. There are still millions of people who create, consume and find music the good old fashion ways.

But it’s interesting to keep an eye on.


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