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SZA Says She’s Not F***in With CTRL on Fader Mag Cover Story

SZA Says She Doesn't Even Like CTRL

SZA is one of the best new artists out right now. Many say her debut album CTRL was amazing, but the singer herself is not one of them. According to a new interview she did with Fader Magazine, SZA didn’t really like her Grammy nominated album.

In their first issue of 2018, Fader chose the soulful vocalist to grace their cover and sit down for an interview. And despite being a critical and commercial breakout album she says things like “I didn’t even fuck with my own album, so I was so confused and almost, like, angry that everyone fucked with it so much. It meant everything I felt about myself was wrong. And it was just like, If that’s not the truth, then what is the truth?”

That sort of conflict can be deep for an artist. SZA was recording so much material that it came to a point she had to be forced to build out the album.

According to SPIN:

The idea of Ctrl being something of a happy accident has been attached to its narrative pretty much from the beginning. Talking to the Guardian over the summer, SZA said that her label TDE had to essentially “take my hard drive from me” in order to get her to stop recording music and begin forming the album.

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You can read the entire cover story here.


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