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Talib Kweli Thinks Older Artists Can Learn From Mumble Rap Stars

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Well, well, it so happens that Talib Kweli thinks that older artists could learn a thing or two from mumble rap stars like 21 Savage, Lil Yachty and Ugly God. He said this in an interview with Vlad TV.

Talib argues that the industry is in an era where radio is not necessary for new artists. Artists today have learned how to utilize the internet to put their music out there and reach their audience.

He goes on to say that older artists shouldn’t dismiss the movement and the music just because they don’t understand it.

“Older artists, traditional artists, legacy artists have to learn from newer artists,” Kweli says. “Learn from the 21 Savages and Lil Yachtys and the Ugly Gods, I guess that I just heard about just now. People get confused by thinking you gotta like the music, you gotta relate to the music. Music is emotional so people respond to music emotionally and if it’s not something they grew up on or something that’s not speaking their language that they relate to, they’re automatically dismissive of it without understanding the movement. They dismiss the movement along with the music. And you can’t dismiss the movement because you gotta respect an artist getting their shit out there. You got to respect it.” Read more…

Talib touches on this at a time when the emergence of mumble rappers as Pete Rock dubbed them, has caused a lot of older Hip Hop heads to be closed-minded about the idea of the genre possibly evolving.

While self-proclaimed King of Teens rap star Lil Yachty has been dismissive of older rap and rappers, he still continues to sell out shows and release mixtapes enjoyed by fans across the world.

Watch the VladTV interview with Talib Kweli below.

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