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The Weeknd Graces Cover of Billboard Magazine

The Weeknd Billboard Magazine Cover
Photo Courtesy Billboard.com

The Weeknd is blowing up fast and he’s everywhere lately! The 25 year old Toronto, Ontario native has had a runaway smash song this summer with “Can’t Feel My Face” and now he’s got the cover story on Billboard magazine.

The artist – real name Abel Tesfaye – breaks it down for Billboad magazine during a video shoot for “In the Night” a track from his upcoming album Beauty Behind the Madness. Tesfaye’s camp is also getting ready for a 22-city North American tour in November.

Here’s Can’t Feel My Face on YouTube

The billboard article gets into a lot of things, including how the R&B singer and songwriter feels about his recent success and his beginnings.

“The pop-star life is a new challenge,” Tesfaye admits. The hazy darkness of the music that first made The Weeknd an alt-R&B cult object seems at odds with his newly obvious focus. But meeting Tesfaye outside his trailer during a break, his modest height and equally modest Canadian manners suggest nothing of his lyrical persona as the drugged-up, emotionally disconnected seducer — only a quiet excitement about his own potential.

The Weeknd first emerged in a fog of anonymity, with three albums he released for free online in 2011, dicing R&B with alternative and classic rock, with little clue to the identity of their maker. They commandeered many ears, most famously those of Drake, who brought Tesfaye aboard for key tracks on his album Take Care.

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Behind the Scenes of The Weeknd’s Billboard Cover Shoot


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