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UK Physical Music Sales Keep Declining

Physical Sales Down in UK

Sales of physical music in the UK is down again – even during the Christmas season. Year-over-year during Christmas last season sales were down 5.8%. Believe it or not, that’s nothing. According to the research firm Kantar Worldpanel, physical sales of video were down 21%.

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The trend of less and less people wanting physical ownership of their choice of entertainment continues. The only product category bucking this trend is video games, which saw physical sales rise 2.1%.

According to Complete Music Update:

Overall, the physical home entertainment market was down 8.8% year-on-year in the quarter up until 14 Jan. Even in gaming, fewer people were buying games in a physical form, it’s just that those who continue to buy are, on average, spending slightly more. Nevertheless, it remains true that the Christmas quarter is still the big one for those selling physical discs.

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And even though things like impulse purchasing are down as well, there is still an opportunity to grab customers while they’re in the store.

People who entered a store with no intention of purchasing entertainment ended up buying a game, CD or DVD 15% of the time. Though, getting people to impulse buy is more difficult, the opportunity exists, especially during the holidays.

Like it or not, physical ownership isn’t something that’s important to customers when it comes to their entertainment.


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