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Velvet Lounge – Native Instruments Releases New Maschine Expansion

Photo Courtesy: Native-Instruments.com
Photo Courtesy: Native-Instruments.com

If you know DeviantNoise.com, you know we love the Native Instruments Maschine.

It’s one of the most forward-looking music production workstations ever built. It’s the ultimate synthesis of digital music production and analog music production.

If you’re reading this news you’re probably a producer that already uses NI Maschine so we won’t go into it here. But if you’re thinking about getting into music produciton – maschine is one of the best pieces of music softawre/gear you can get.

Recently, Native Instruments release a brand new expansion pack for Maschine called Velvet Lounge. Here’s how Native Instruments describes the new sound pack:

VELVET LOUNGE gives you VIP access to the sultry melodies, liquid atmospheres and future-focused rhythms of future soul.

Create a soul-tinged, silky vibe with sampled Rhodes, vocals, organs, polyphonic pads, guitar chords, and licks. Fill out the low end with exclusive MASSIVE patches, and add touches of bells with REAKTOR PRISM. For detail, SFX kits feature processed field recordings, sampled guitar harmonics, and off-center sampled harps. And trap-style programming and 808 beats add the future finish. Create your own future classics with VELVET LOUNGE.

We took a listen to the expansion tracks sample songs and the sounds are FIRE!

You will be making some bangers with this pack. There are some very smooth and laid-back/chill sounds in here. This is that sit-back and smoke or get down and f**k music.

But you can also use it to turn up. If you’re into EDM Trap then the sounds will be like a new playground for you.

This is an expansion we’re definitely going to be buying!

Here’s what you get in the 318MB pack

  • 50 Drum kits
  • 6 Projects
  • 4 Instruments
  • 43 MASSIVE presets
  • 24 Drum Synth presets
  • 17 REAKTOR PRISM presets
  • 140 Patterns

Read more about the expansion pack or listen to the demo tracks.


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