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[VIDEO] Ellen DeGeneres “Excited” About Being Part of Nicki / Remy Beef

Ellen Degeneres is Excited to be Part of Nicki Minaj Remy Ma Rap Beef

Ellen Degeneres is pretty hilarious. She loves music and loves to dance. The daytime talk show host didn’t expect, however, to become part of the beef between rappers Nicki Minaj and Remy Ma. Regardless, she says she’s “excited.”

Rolling Stone reports that Ellen said:

“This is exciting – I’ve never been a part of a rap feud before. Do I have to do anything? I don’t know. All you hoes got my back?”

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The crowd obviously roared with laughter. Ellen is referring to a bar spit by Nicki Minaj on her track No Frauds – “I’m DeGeneres Queen / Ask Ms. Ellen.” Minaj recently released the music video to No Frauds which was well-shot and visually stunning.

However, although the rapper attempted to make hit song out of the diss record, some in the industry argue that it “came & went.” The release of the video may be a strategy to re-ignite interest in the song.

“No Frauds” features Drake and Lil Wayne and is a response to the 7-minute diss track “shETHER” released by Remy Ma. Minaj also released two other tracks along with “No Frauds,” and has hinted at a new album coming soon.

Watch the entire Ellen segment below:



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