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Vintage Minimoog Signed By a Legend Being Raffled Off

Moog Foundation Giving Away Signed Vintage Synth

The non-profit organization The Bob Moog Foundation annoounced today that they will be giving away a vintage Minimoog Model D synth keyboard signed by Rick Wakeman, a legendary prog-rock keyboardist. The giveaway is attached to a raffle that helps support the music education efforts of the Foundation.

Apparently Bob Moog and Rick Wakeman met while the latter was touring and traveling the world. The two became friends and that is evidenced from the signed synth being given away. The inscription reads “Thank Dr. Bob for sharing your genius. You will never be forgotten.”

According to MuseWire.com:

The Minimoog Model D being offered, serial number 6360, was built at Moog Music’s Williamsville, NY factory on December 9, 1974, and is valued in excess of $6,000. The synthesizer is in excellent technical and physical condition and has been serviced by acclaimed New York City-based restoration perfectionists Tone Tweakers.

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The raffle is open to everyone around the world and began yesterday (February 26th). The deadline to enter is March 26th or whenever tickets run out. They can be purchased for $25 each (or 5 for $100) from MoogFoundation.org.


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