Home Music Business Warner Music Suing Smart TV Company for Infringement

Warner Music Suing Smart TV Company for Infringement

Warner Music Suing SMART TV Company

Warner Music is suing technology company Future Today for allegedly making music available through it’s smart TVs without getting the proper licenses. The company describes itself as a video technology and distribution.

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They also say that they help “content creators distribute and monetize their content on the web, mobile devices and connected TV platforms.” It’s client-base consists of YouTube channels, media companies and more.

According to Complete Music Update:

In its lawsuit against the firm, Warner takes issue with various channels Future Today seemingly operates that feature music videos and footage of live music. The dispute seems to centre on song rights owned by Warner, which suggest the offending videos contain plenty of cover and live versions, as well as officially released recordings.

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People are increasingly streaming content directly from the internet onto their smart TV – including music. This new case shows that music companies are increasingly looking at the growth in adoption of smart TVs, and how people are getting their music through them.


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