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Waves Audio Releases New “Smack Attack” Transient Shaper Plugin

Waves Smack Attack Plugin

Waves Audio – makers of some of the best pro audio plugins around – have just released a brand new transient shaper plugin for producers. Smack Attack is a plugin intended to add some additional character to drums, loops, synth hits and other percussive sounds. The plugin allows subtle tweaking to intense shaping of sounds.

Rekkerd reports:

Unlike traditional transient shapers, Smack Attack lets you control more than just attack and sustain levels; you also get pinpoint control over the transients’ shape and duration. You can make a kick tighter than you’d ever imagined – or give your snares that extra crack. You also have a Sensitivity control for selective transient shaping: you can process all your transients, only the loudest ones, or anything in between.

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The plugin offers a user-friendly interface and graphical display, and zero latency when used in the studio of live settings.

Here are the full set of features:

  • ‘Secret weapon’ for mixing drums and all other percussive instruments.
  • Unleash or tame transient attack & sustain.
  • Fine-tune transient level, shape and duration.
  • Real-time graphic wave display.
  • Zero latency in the studio or live.
  • Limiter/clipper for driving your sound to the limit.
  • Sensitivity control for selective transient shaping.
  • Wet/Dry mix control for parallel processing.
  • MIDI control assignable.

The plugin is available now for $49 USD and comes in VST/AU/AAX formats.

Check out the video below:



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